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Issue #31 June 2019

Thanks for visiting the Spadina Literary Review.

Here's a bit of background on some of the contributors to this issue:

  • Dick Bentley ("Bear Market") is the author of Post-Freudian Dreaming, A General Theory of Desire, and All Rise, both available on Amazon. Visit Dick's site at
  • Jane Callen ("The Train to Santa Margherita") is a short-story writer who makes her home in Victoria but travels to Italy at every opportunity.
  • Jeff Dupuis ("The Wheelman") lives in Toronto. His first novel Roanoke Ridge is available now. Go to Jeff's site at
  • Renée Henning ("Double Homicide") is an attorney in Arlington, Virginia as well as an international author. Renée's non-fiction book Mystery and the Adopted Child is available on Amazon.
  • Austin James ("I Could Tell") is a Toronto-based poet with a love for storytelling.
  • Amy Kaler ("Running off the Edge") is a U of Alberta sociology prof and a writer. Some of Amy's work can be found at kayfergusonblog.
  • Brandon Marlon ("Bathing with Bathsheba") is a writer from Ottawa. Learn more about Brandon on his site
  • Brendan McHale (Cover art) lives in Toronto. See more of Brendan's work at
  • Richard Rose ("Guernica") is a UK-based professor and a columnist with the Bangalore Review in India where he works regularly. Richard co-wrote Letters to Lucia, a play about James Joyce's daughter, which debuted last year.
  • Jon Spencer ("The Crossing") writes fiction, screenplays and fantasy business plans. He has written and edited for Thomson Reuters, and is part of a writers group which operates out of the back room of a Toronto tea shop.
  • Ann van Wijgerden ("Belonging Here") works with the NGO Young Focus in Manila providing education for children living in slum areas.


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